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On August 29th 2016 I received a call at 2 AM from my Dad, he was panic stricken and asked for me to pray for my mom.. he went on to explain that she had just had a heart attack and was being driven by ambulance to the hospital about 45 miles away and then to be flown to a major City for care.  The 2nd phone call about 2 hours later brought the news that she died in route.  She was 72 and I was 52 at that time.  My life changed forever that early morning.  Unlike many who would get angry with our God, I did not get angry with Him.  I've grown up my whole life grounded in His Word in great part due to my Mother.  I knew where she was and I know not to question our Sovereign God.  He knows best as our Creator.  I believe this with all my heart.  His Word directs us to mourn with those who mourn and that is what my mother's passing has inspired me to do.  Now I provide inspired keepsakes so those who truly have a need can obtain something tangible, something to hold onto during perhaps one of the darkest and loneliest times in their lives.  A child losing a parent or sibling can be traumatic and they especially need something tangible, something to hold onto.  The Jewelry items provided at Sergeantroberts.com are beautifully crafted and are perfect for bringing about peace in the midst of the storms of life.

I also create and provide each and every inspired decal.  Once I have designed a decal it is then machine cut to precision.  Every decal that goes out has been prepared by my own hand. I take great pride in my work especially knowing the recipient and I have in common what cannot be so easily expressed in words. We have lost a loved one and we mourn with one another.  I find solace in having a decal in honor of my Mother displayed on the back of my pickup truck.  In this way much is expressed without the need to communicate to others as I allow her precious memories to live on.  God Speed Mom!  ~Sarge

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  • In 2011 I loss my Brother John, In 2012 I loss my Sister Brenda. In 2013 I loss my Dad. In 2014 I loss my Best Friend Shirley. 2020 my sister loss her son Walt. My Nephew . A few weeks ago on February 4th I loss my Sister June. They all loved.to dance. Two weeks ago.I came across this beautiful heart touching song. It gave me goosebumps bumps .I can see them dancing. No more pain. Nothing can ever take away that pain and hurt you feel. This song is all the words you feel in your heart. And it’s wonderful to know they are in the arms of.our savior. Somehow a believe they are dancing in the sky. Thank you for all you do to comfort those in need. God Bless and Never stop singing.

    Marie Flagg on
  • Dancing In the Sky will be playing when I go to see my Mom in heaven. I miss her so much. I’m 66 years old my health isn’t that could and I listen to this song every day. I.love the words the love that comes from it meaning. I am going to try a save up some money for my disibility chrck so I can get a ring and you sticker for my window. Please tell Dani I love her and thanks for beautiful song. Amen

    Peggy Clinton on
  • All the items I purchased are beautiful. I got a personalized tshirt and decal as well as other jewelry. I received them just days after placing my order. I could feel your love Sergeant as i opened the box. Many thanks. Forever Ryan’s Mom

    MaryBeth Moore Zocco on
  • This site is to help mourn the loss of our loved ones, all of them. Some Jewelry items are Sterling Silver, they are identified within the product descriptions of each product when you go shopping here at sergeantroberts.com

    Sergeant Roberts on
  • I lost my 24 year old Angel. She was my only little girl and my life has changed forever. I went from like 115 ponds to now like 93. I try to get anything in her memory to ease my pain and show her I will Forever Love her and Miss her until we Meet Again. Her name was Abigail or we did call her Abby also. Please let me know what kinds of things you can make for me. Butterflies and Angels Please! Thanks So Very Much

    Ruth Blazio on

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