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09/18/2019  Why does some Jewelry Turn My Skin Green?

As with all jewelry, you should not wear it swimming or with chemicals to include soaps and shampoos.. so basically not to be worn when washing dishes or showering or anytime water and chemicals can come in contact with the jewelry and your skin... Keep your jewelry dry and it will not turn, unless you have a unique body chemistry.. some folks cannot wear jewelry comfortably due to the acidity in their skin oxidizing the metal(s) of the jewelry.. this holds true for cheap and inexpensive jewelry or expensive jewelry.

How to Avoid Getting a Green Finger, neck, or wrist when wearing jewelry or a watch.
Even silver and gold jewelry can produce skin discoloration, so advice for avoiding a green finger, for example, isn't as simple as just avoiding cheap jewelry. However, certain metals are less likely to turn green than others. You should have good luck with stainless steel jewelry, platinum jewelry, and rhodium-plated jewelry, which includes nearly all white gold.

Also, you'll greatly reduce the chance of any ring turning your finger green if you take care to keep soaps, lotions, and other chemicals away from your ring. Remove your rings before bathing or swimming, especially in saltwater.

If you are prone to experiencing this "tarnish" Some people apply a polymer coating to their rings for example, to act as a barrier between their skin and the metal of the ring. Clear Nail polish is one option. Be aware that you'll need to reapply the coating from time to time since it will wear away.  ~Sarge 

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