Personalized Decals by Sergeant Roberts

The Decals Inspired by Sergeant Roberts provide a tangible way to hold onto precious memories forever.  All are beautifully designed and are perfect for a hurting or lonely heart.

Choose a ready made decal design like "Dancing in the Sky" or a heavenly design like "In Loving Memory"  made from the highest quality materials. You may choose a personalized decal from either of these two designs.  Once you place your order the decal will be made to precision.  Every decal that ships to you has been prepared by my own hand. I take great pride in what I do knowing you and I have in common what cannot be so easily expressed in words; We mourn with one another.  I find great inner peace having a decal honoring my Mother displayed on the back of my vehicle.  You will find the same.  Order yours today. God Speed Mom!  ~Sarge

Precision-Cut Decals are 5" High x 8.5" Long. Made with Highest quality White Vinyl and will adhere to any non-porous surface indoor or outdoor. 

Any Question (any questions at all - I know this can be confusing and a simple email will straighten up any concerns you may have.  I would rather you email me and gain confidence instead of you placing this beautiful decal into your shopping cart and then abandoning your cart - you will love your decal) - Feel free to contact me by email at   I will create and immediately prepare the decal to ship usually within a single business day.  

It is so easy and simple to apply these decals. Anyone can do it.  We will send along an instruction sheet to give you even greater confidence.

After your purchase, Watch for a Heavy Yellow Envelope. 

Email for any assistance you may need.

 Order your Personalized Decals Here 

Once you "add to cart"  and then "view cart" you may then add personalized information into the box provided:

"SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER" located in the "View Shopping cart" area usually under the product picture depending if you are using a pc or a mobile phone.  The view changes depending on your device.


Thank you again  ~Sarge