Dancing in the Sky Couples Hug Pendant - 18 Inch Chain Stainless

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Sold out within a week!  WILL RESTOCK SOON - PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN - you may still order but keep in mind it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get to you as I am out of stock but am receiving more inventory within that time frame.  Pre-sale - I have 30 of 60 pieces left available once they arrive and begin shipping out again starting April 20th, 2021

Pure Love. There is nothing like a hug! Feel like you are inseparable from your loved one when wearing this beautifully designed necklace. 

Stainless Steel, 6.0g Weight, Color is Silver & Silver

Pendant is approximately 1.25" Tall (about the height of a Silver Dollar)

Chain Length - 18" with claw clasp