Butterfly Necklace - Custom Name - Crown Font Stainless Steel Pendant

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Butterfly Necklace - Personalized Custom Name.  Beautiful and Lasting Stainless Steel Pendant & Chain. Various colors are available & plated over Stainless Steel. Gold, Rose Gold, & Platinum

Yes, you can have this necklace personalized for you or in Memory of a Loved one.  Leave the name you want in the "notes" box during checkout and if you are uncertain, please email me the name along with your order number to sergeantroberts.com@gmail.com

(please allow from 21 to 28 days for delivery - after processing - this is normal for customized jewelry) ~Sarge. 


Some say the metaphor of the Butterfly represents a Spiritual Re-Birth.  Ever see a Butterfly and start to just wonder? 

You may even ask yourself as you see the Butterfly dancing on the air from flower petal to flower petal - "Why am I seeing this Butterfly? Are Butterflies messengers for the Angels"? Perhaps.

Butterflies have a way of capturing our attention, and it is conceivable that angels could use them as messengers of the physical realm to help get their messages through to us.  Would you be comforted knowing there is an Angel nearby? And so… When you see a butterfly, pay attention! As with God's Word, "Be Still and know..."   Quiet your mind, and listen through your subtle senses, thoughts, feelings, and inner abilities that may allow you to receive a message from the one who created the Angels & the Butterflies. God Himself loves you forever.

The Butterfly may provide a gentle reminder that our physical life is truly short.  Even so, with it's short life span the Butterfly can be a very present & sobering reminder for us to live each day as fully as possible and to enjoy our lives while we still call it "Today".  Our loved ones would not want us to be miserable or sad & depressed in their physical absence.  So, like the Butterfly, be graceful, gentle, free spirited, and know that as with the Biblical account of the Resurrection of Jesus, the Butterfly can be a kind of witness to your soul of the eternal life of your loved one carrying on, now & forever in the presence of the Almighty, where there is no more tears, no more pain, & no more sorrow.

(please allow from 21-28 days for delivery - after processing) ~Sarge.